Easy Roasted Veggies


This is a go-to favorite of my family’s.  Simple, yummy, nutritious, guilt-free.  This is great for a crowd, too. So many beautiful colors all in one dish, eliminating the need for more than one side dish. Lots of fiber, nutrients, and complex carbohydrates make this ideal any time of the year.

VEGGIES:  Use whatever fresh veggies you have on-hand.  Root vegetables are great in this: potatoes, carrots, yucca, beets.  But really, you can customize this for any season, using what’s local and fresh. I love using grape tomatoes, but I’ve learned to pierce them or slice them first, as they explode.  Use mushrooms, any squash you can find, sweet potatoes make it in my opinion, and broccoli and cauliflower are fun, too.

SEASONING:  Always use onions and fresh garlic.  Scallions make it extra pretty. Always use whatever herbs you have available (thyme and rosemary are my favorite.) Always use the nicest salt and pepper, olive oil and vinegar (balsamic is my fave) you have.

I never measure, but here’s a guideline of what I use for four of us. Customize it for yourself.

•Approximately 1-2 cups of chopped vegetables per person.

•Approximately 1/8 cup of olive oil per person. About 1/2 as much vinegar.

•Salt, pepper, herbs to taste.


Just chop it all up into bite size chunks. Slice or dice garlic. Denser vegetables like carrots and beets should be in smaller pieces than those that roast faster, like potatoes and yellow squash. When possible, leave the peels/skins on; they have the most nutrients, as a rule.

Throw all the chunks into a large bowl; combine with salt, pepper, herbs, oil and vinegar; stir up until everything is nicely coated.

Line a pan (any pan you like, but one with sides is easiest) with parchment paper (not necessary, but trust me on this) and place veggies no more than 2-3 layers deep.


Place in a pre-heated 425 degree oven. Some say to stir them around every 10 minutes, but I don’t. After 30-50 minutes, depending on your taste and the quantity, they’re good.

*My family loves them a bit more done, as the edges brown, because they start to caramelize. However, the chemical reaction does up the glycemic index, so just be mindful of your nutritional needs.

**Brighten the flavor with a few squeezes of lemon juice after roasting.

***For the grill: Use this exact recipe, but wrap into individual pilllow-packs of heavy-duty aluminum foil and throw on the grill with your meat. It should take about the same time as a medium-well steak.

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