For the Non-Veggie-Lovers of the World

What even IS this?? Dudes. You need to eat vegetables. Seriously. You MUST.

In fact, my rule is that one-half of all we eat every day should be plant-based, but 75% of that needs to be vegetables because fruit has a lot of sugar.

“But, I don’t like vegetables.” What? At all? None?? Whoa.

Okay. That’s a challenge. Here’s the thing, though: We NEED them. I mean, how is this any different from saying, “But, I don’t like to pay my bills.” Too bad. Time to adult. I’m here to serve.

“My kids won’t eat vegetables.” Umm…..  You’re the boss of them. I’m sorry to seem harsh, but you provide them food and you make the rules. You can be accommodating to a degree, but hello? You’re the parent. Vegetables are necessary. End of story.

I see this a lot. Adults who don’t like vegetables are grown from kids who weren’t taught to eat vegetables. See the trend? So, let’s teach our kids to enjoy them. Ready?

I have a few tricks for “hiding” veggies, and I’ll share them. I’m not a total hard-ass.

  • Smoothies. I make one every morning for each of us. I use protein powder with plant protein (veggies), and use whole fruits and vegetables in each smoothie. Is it green?  Usually. You’ll get used to it . (link recipe)
  • Pasta sauce.  I make it pretty often. I throw every veggie I have on hand in there, then I puree it with an immersion blender like this one (affiliate link). Sometimes I add some texture back in (chunks). I often use meat, too. Sausage is strong enough to kill other tastes. When you use a lot of tomatoes, it comes out (mostly) red, so no one really has to know. It may take a few tries to adjust your taste, and you may want to tweak it, but this is a great solution. (link recipe)
  • This cookbook by Jessica Seinfeld (Deceptively Delicious) has some fantastic and tasty ideas for adding vegetables to meals. (link)
  • Juice your veggies at home, add fruit and herbs, spices or sweetener to make it palatable until you get used to it. (link to recipe)  If you want, try V8 (link) and other fruit/vegetable blends, like……
  • Juice Plus. These are whole food supplements, not vitamins. Take nature’s nutrients from 30 fruits, vegetables and grains and pack them into a capsule or a gummy- then you’ve got whole-food-based nutrition and wellness. I’ve sworn by Juice Plus for about 20 years. They take whole organic fruits and veggies, pick them ripe, juice them immediately and then dehydrate them and put them in a supplement capsule or chewy.  Hello?  Brilliant, or what? Learn more here:

Vegetables are more than just boring, dry salads. It’s more than bunny food. There are thousands of recipes, tips, tricks, methods of preparation and combinations. Let’s find some together, because it is truly imperative that you add MORE veggies to your diet. I tell my coaching clients they don’t HAVE TO give any food up, but they GET TO add veggies, and eat them first. I raise my kids this way, too. Eat them first. Offer them as a snack to starving little lovies while you’re preparing dinner. Let them dip them in a yummy sauce or dressing (a healthy one).

Also, when you pack their lunches, offer fresh veggies and fruits and insist they eat them first. I tell my kids that if they bring anything back home with them, it had better not be the vegetables.

Which trick will you try first? What are your tried-and-true methods?


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