Mashed Cauliflower


This dish is fantastic! It’s healthful, nutritious, guilt-free (sorta… depending on how disciplined you are), and delish!! Bonus: it serves up lots of potassium, vitamin c and folate.

One average-sized head of cauliflower will cover a meal for four with leftovers. It’s a side-dish, really, so everyone will get a good dollop.  There is no limit to how to serve this. Try it several ways and decide with your peeps which is your favorite.  You can go from basic (super healthful and not-at-all bad for you) to fancied up with herbs, cheese, cream, what-have-you.


Fresh cauliflower florets – one head.

Liquid of your choice (reserve some from cooking, or use broth, etc.)

Seasoning (salt and pepper, herbs, cheese, etc.)


Chop up your cauliflower into bite sized florets.  Steam or boil for 7-12 minutes until tender. Mash, whip, process as you desire to achieve a level of creamy or grainy to your liking. Serve hot and season to taste.



Here’s where you simply use your imagination.  For some, the switch from mashed potatoes to mashed cauliflower is a big one.  If that’s the case, then simply prepare exactly as you would your mashed potatoes. Use butter, heavy cream, buttermilk, sour cream, mayonnaise, salt. Use your blender, food processor, immersion stick, or hand-masher to create something fabulous. Have fun with it – no one’s judging!

If you’re ready to scale back for the sake of health, or you’re following a special diet like Paleo, South Beach, low-carb, or an inflammation protocol, then maybe you’re hoping to clean up your eating somewhat. You can reserve some of the liquid to use instead of milk.  You can use broth as your liquid. Add some lovely EVOO. Add some mashed garlic or roasted garlic.  Use herbs (I love chives and rosemary).

My peeps really are all about the cheesy cauli. I mash it up with a hand-masher until it’s grainy, then I add a big fistful of shredded cheddar and fresh parmesan and stir it up until it’s stringy. No need to add salt.  If I have gruyere, it kicks it up to a whole ‘nother level of special.

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