On Time Management, Priorities & Self-Care

We are all WAY different. We have different goals, values, pasts, triggers, habits. We come from different cultures, backgrounds, classes. We have different work ethics.

Here’s ONE THING we all have in common that cannot change: we all have only 24 hours each day. This ONE THING makes us all the SAME.

We have one-hundred, sixty-eight hours in our week. 168. Period.

We can’t BUY, WIN, EARN or be GIVEN any more time than this each week. It’s a level playing field in this respect.

I’ve been pondering the concept of The Hustle.  You know: the effort, time, sweat, education, digging, scratching, winning & losing, one-step-forward-three-steps-back grind of being successful (whatevertheheck that means.) I’m in accountability groups, encouragement communities, and circles of friends and peers who are hustling together. We all have different ideas of how to spend our time. Some seem to be KILLING IT, while others seem to be spinning our wheels. And each of us has periods where we’re doing both.

We all prioritize our time differently. Society tells us that we need to be all in, on it, awake, alive, hustling, grinding it out 24/7.  In fact, that’s encouraged, revered, expected, worshipped.

Well, friends, that’s crap. 

Just like our financial budgets, we need to our TIME carefully, intentionally.  With financial budgets, there are non-negotiables that get plugged in first, and the rest get moved around, juggled, toggled, adjusted as necessary.  The two biggies are HOUSING and FOOD, right? Then, after that, we have other priorities like debt, day care, utilities, transportation.  We’ll let stuff go if we have to so we can get those non-negotiables covered.  Who hasn’t canceled their cable or skipped a loan payment? But we can’t skip rent, or go hungry, so if we skip steak, we’ll still eat rice & beans.

What are our biggies with time?  SLEEP, FAMILY, WORK/SCHOOL, EXERCISE. Maybe we go to church, volunteer, serve. We must commute. And then the rest filters through as we can fit it in the week: paying bills, errands, praying/devotionals/meditation, cleaning, meal-prep, hobbies, Netflix, social stuff. It differs with everyone, and certain issues take priority at different times, but this is how it generally looks.

So why do we get so upside-down with our time management? It’s a budget. The top line-items are non-negotiable. I’m guilty of this, too, guys, but let’s look at it. Why do we let TV take our sleep? How can we watch football when we haven’t exercised? We’ll join the PTA when we haven’t dated our spouse in months?

Who do we think we are….. letting our hustle have more of our time than our family?!?!

Let’s go back to the drawing board and re-prioritize. 

Let’s take the TIME to prepare our MEALS for our FAMILIES, spend the time eating with them and talking with them each day.  Let’s put our DEVICES away while we eat and before we go to sleep.  Let’s set aside chunks of time for SLEEP, SELF-CARE, and EXERCISE. Let’s take care of our bodies, our minds, and our souls so we can be present and available for our people.

Let’s all start a time budget. Here’s a rough chart. I challenge you to fill in the blanks and stick to it this week.  Then lets check in and talk. 

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