Whoa. Having been a dieter ALL.MY.LIFE, that date makes my blood run cold. Having been a big planner, big talker, big dreamer, and a professional “some day”er ALL.MY.LIFE, this date sorta ticks me off. Why? It means I have to put my money where my mouth is, put the pedal to the metal, get a move on. START.

All my life, until right now, if I DIDN’T start (which I only rarely did, if I’m honest), then I felt like a failure, felt sorry for myself, beat myself up, isolated, pouted, added one more item to a long list of reasons I loathed myself. If I had a decent day with an ounce of self-respect, I told myself weakly and ineffectively that I’d get ‘em next time.

But who says?  Who says you need a MONDAY?  Who says you need the FIRST of the month?

There’s no better time than right now. It’s just providential that right now is MONDAY THE FIRST. Maybe you’re reading this on THURSDAY THE NINETEENTH or SATURDAY THE ELEVENTH. Those are GREAT days to START!!

Start something good. Today. I’ll focus on a healthy habit (You know, that’s sorta my thing.) But, really, anything positive should be started immediately. You don’t have to wait to have

  • all the information
  • all the tools
  • all the support
  • all the supplies
  • all the nerve
  • all the history
  • a completed plan
  • the perfect idea

That will all come eventually. Or not. It’s okay if it doesn’t and great if it does but START.

So start your healthy lifestyle. Start your business. Start your cleaning regimen. Start your lessons. Start your Bible study. Start your gratitude journal. Start your blog. Start your podcast. Start a new friendship. Start calling your mom more often. Start counseling. Start being nicer to your sister. Start taking care of your skin.

Not sure what you’re doing?  ME NEITHER!!  Hahaha!!  If you’re reading this post on the day or week or even MONTH that I wrote it, it’s not very pretty. I don’t know how to Word Press yet!! I have some folks helping. I’m going to a weekend shindig on how-to. One of these days, my website and blog are gonna be prettier and fancier with pictures and links and formatting. But right now, today, at this moment as I type this out, I’m merely impressed that I know how to post my thoughts. I’ve waited for years because I’m a silly perfectionist and where has it gotten me? Who has it benefitted NOT having my awesomeness out there? No one.

*If you’re reading this in the future, when my website looks awesome and I have pictures and links and I come off as knowing what I’m doing, please contact me and tell me you’re impressed or some other nice thing. I will appreciate it greatly and pass it along my friends who helped me as I flopped around.

Here’s what I’m STARTing. I’m going to start Periscoping regularly. I plan to make them into edited videos on YouTube. Maybe it’ll morph into a regular encouraging video series for you to share and enjoy. I hope you’ll feel better, feel encouraged, and know that if I – a chronically ill, chubby, middle-aged, scatter-brained, late-starter – can be real and honest, share my struggles and successes, and make progress while getting healthier, then so can you. 

I don’t have all the training, all the experience, all the know-how, all the talent, all the support, all the help I need.

Oh, well; I’m STARTING anyway.

I don’t yet have a schedule, an outline, a map, a completed plan.

Oh, well; I’m starting anyway.

If don’t start now, when will I start? Will I even start?

I’m starting. I may have to re-start. I may have to re-group. I may fail at this and then re-direct. But I will. I can.

It isn’t a rule that you have to wait for a MONDAY THE FIRST. I can start anything on any day.

And so can you.

So, what are you starting today?

(Hint: Don’t try to come up with THE perfect answer. Name something and start. Then start something else soon. It doesn’t matter what, in which order, or if you’re ready.)


  1. I love you! your right on!

  2. Yes. This. Beautiful. Just START. I need to tell myself this more often. Maybe post it on my bathroom mirror.

    • Whitney Treloar

      On my bathroom mirror… Ha. I don’t look there too often. Maybe I’ll post it in the fridge…..

  3. Thank you starting Whitney!!! I look forward to more posts!!!!

  4. Well said! I find myself in a constant restart mode. It’s comforting to know I not the only one. 🙂 Here’s to new beginnings!

  5. This is awesome. I love it and I love the part where you said you don’t have to have all the (and then listed everything people wait for before they start).

    Well said. Thank you for sharing and let me know if I can ever help!

    • Whitney Treloar

      Thanks, Dave! I’m just now getting to my comments because I honestly haven’t signed in since I posted that. Ugh. I need to get consistent. I need a rhythm. But I’m replying to you from Word Camp, so that’s good progress! I’m learning!

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